Friday, October 17, 2008

Who to vote for?

This is a very long week for me. Instead of my normal four 12 hour days I'm working six 8 hour days. Woe is me ;-/


I was thinking about the presidential election and who could I vote for and not feel as though I was committing a sin by doing so. I have not yet made up my mind who to vote for, or even if I am going to bother casting a vote for president at all.

I have heard it said by some, Todd Wilken for one, that "Life" is the most important issue to consider in an election. I do agree with this assessment, however it does not help me much in deciding who to vote for.

I hold the total pro-life position, from conception to natural death. For me this includes children in Iraq who happen to have already been born as well as American babies who haven't yet been born. The trouble is there seems no candidate for president who wants them all alive. Obama thinks slaughtering millions of unborn babies is somehow a constitutional right, while McCain has no problem dropping high explosives on children from 30,000 feet and scattering their limbs across the landscape, calling it "collateral damage."

Usually I could vote Libertarian but they have picked Bob Barr who is nothing but a very conservative republican and lacks the principled stand on liberty that former Libertarian Party candidates like Ron Paul had, he's more of a pragmatist, which makes him no better than a Republican in my book.

So, I'm stuck with no one to vote for.


  1. I'm writing in Paul on the absentee. Just vote for whoever you really want, even if it's another person or third party, write in, whatever.

  2. I suppose I could do that as well, though it seems pretty pointless, honorable but pointless :-)

  3. I understand. To be honest, I can't stand McCain either, so it's not a big deal either way for me.

    Voting is pointless to be honest. This will be the last election I vote in.

  4. "Voting is pointless to be honest. This will be the last election I vote in."

    I say that every election and every election I decide it's my duty to at least go through the motions even if it is meaningless. This time I'm really torn and might skip the whole thing, the system is beyond broken, it's downright evil and participating seems to lend it my approval and I don't want to do that!