Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cool star chart

Bad Astronomer linked to this on his blog, it's very cool.

It is [a] spatial representation of every star within 14 light-years of the Solar System. There are 32 stars in this region, including the Sun. The stars are colored according to the spectral type, which may not reflect the actual color. Please see this Wikipedia article for the listing of stars. The stars on this map may not all be visible to the naked eye, as many are dwarf stars. Some of this information may be preliminary and not entirely accurate as a result. Each grid square represents 1 square light year. The grid is aligned to the ecliptic. Planets are not shown on this map because they orbit stars at a relatively small distance. They would be indistinguishable at this scale. Unless noted otherwise all star data is meant relative to the Sun ("Mass: 1.25" means 125% of the Sun's mass).

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