Sunday, October 12, 2008

Money? We ain't gots no money...

That's what congresss says when faced with helping out the common folk.

As I ponder the economic meltdown/collapse that is going on around me I am struck by the rapidity with which the elites, through the "Best Congress Money Can Buy", are able to somehow find trillions of dollars of tax money to bail their own fellow pluotcrat thieves out of the pits they themselves have dug. These are the same elites that can never find money for things like filling potholes in the street, maintaining parks or giving financial aide to low income students trying to attend college while working full time. These are things that cost next to nothing compared to the bailouts we've seen in the last few days. I'd say it's amazing but it's not really, it's just disgusting. Of course they will not be held accountable for their evil, not in this life anyway. Nothing will improve for the American people without armed revolt because the electoral system is totally rigged. Yet that won't happen any time soon either, because the American people no longer believe in liberty. It's sad and pathetic but I don't see a way out of it really. We are left with only one way to help our nation, PRAY.

Oh, and go ahead and vote for the Anti-Christ, lets get this thing over with :-/

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