Friday, December 4, 2009


The Angry Gnome is moving to Posterous... a cool site you can update and post to via email or from the web, and it's way easier to use than any other blogging service I've ever tried. Check out my new home in the interwebs The Angry Gnome.

If you currently get my posts via email you can subscribe there instead by clicking on the subscribe link below "Get Updates"

Does it link to facebook now?

I do not know...

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This is way cool! I can post from anywhere I can get on email and it works way better than the Blogger system for email posting. This may well be my new blog location guys. Awesome! Check out what it does if you just attach several photos to an email.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Graven Images?

From Pastoral Meanderings, on images:

The Image of the Unseen

I have in my office many, many things on the walls. I have degrees and an ordination certificate and Luther's Sacristy Prayer and some photos... I have organ pipes and personal photos of my family... I have a dozen or so crucifixes (nearly all high quality hand carved wood from Italy and my prized one from Oberammergau)... I have a couple of original paintings (Noah and the ark and one of an American highway scene)... I have several posters (Birgitta and one called Sing Me to Heaven)... I have resin castings (can't afford the real thing) of stone carvings of Mary, of the Risen Jesus, of Jesus as Priest with bread and cup, of Celtic crosses... And I have a ton of icons (okay, well not a ton but lots and lots). One in particular is a sterling silver icon from Romania (the Holy Family, an icon crucifix and traveling icon, and most especially, an icon stitched for me by my colleague (the Asst. Pastor)... Most of them were gifts... the vast majority... some I have purchased...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009