Monday, June 20, 2011

Paleo again

I've been on the Paleo diet for while now and it has been working well for me. I've lost weight and feel good.

I have now twice conducted experiments on eating wheat products after not eating them for a while. As an example, this morning someone brought me an apple fritter from Starbucks, unasked for but foolishly not refused. I ate it and not too long after that I began to feel bad. By bad I mean a pain in the gut to start with, followed by joint pain in my hands, elbows and knees. I would call it coincidence but for the fact that the same thing happened the last time I ate bread. When I was on the vegan diet I took Aleve every day for arthritis but just realized I have not had to take it since being off of grains. Not scientific test but enough to convince me that MY body at least does NOT like grains!

Larry Devich
"It's not denial. I'm just very selective about what I accept as reality." Calvin ("Calvin and Hobbes")

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In my recent reading about Asperger's Syndrome one of the descriptors concerned unusual use of language. I have, for many years, worked very hard to alter my speech in such a way as to make it seem more normal. In spite of this my talking frequently engenders comment, not always positive, about both structure and vocabulary. In the past I attributed this almost exclusively to vocabulary deficiencies on the part of my audience. Now I have reason to suspect that there is more to this problem of communication than simple ignorance of meaning.

Perhaps my use of English is NOT superior but merely odd and off putting?! After all, since speech has, as its only major purpose, the goal of clearly communicating ideas from one person to another, if my methods get in the way of the clear transmission of my ideas it is MY problem much more than my hearers.

BUT... my own way of speaking makes me feel good, especially when I am able to turn a phrase in a way that is clear, fresh, accurate and concise. At those times the minor detail that my ostensible audience fails to appreciate either the beauty or the clarity of what I've said is not really very important to me. At those times I am speaking more for the JOY of assembling a phrase than for communication.

Larry Devich
It is more blessed to ask forgiveness than permission.
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I was getting worried about the fact that my automobile registration is going to expire in July and I haven't received a renewal notice from the state.  So I went online to only to discover that they no longer send notices out ahead of time.  Even better, we now have a grace period that means really we don't need to renew until practically September.  Not sure what brought that about but it makes me happy :-) 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ah summer is here again

The fickle face of summer has returned to the city by the bay.  It's a very balmy and pleasant 72 degrees with gentle breezes.

The first Lady is having lunch around the corner from us on California Street, raising part of that billion dollars Barack says he's going to raise for his campaign.  Some of our residents are there writing giant checks and getting pictures with Michelle.

John the shoe shine guy is unhappy though because the police ran him off of his normal corner so he's not making any money, stupid politicians.

I took a nice lunch time walk up Montgomery to the Vallejo steps,