Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On Race

From Greg Laden's Blog:

There is no such thing as race (biologically), race is a social construct used as a political and economic tool, even efforts to use race in a "positive" way such as in medicine or forensics are doomed to failure because of the lack of biological validity of the concept, and so on and so forth.

Here, the idea of the exhibit is really to help people to realize that well formed thoughts about their fellow humans that are based on the race concept are like well formed thoughts about the world they live in that are based on the flat earth. But more destructive.

It is just amazing the number of people I talk to who can't seem to get thier minds around this simple concept. Race is a phony issue, a human is a human, period. That doesn't stop me from thinking in racial and to my shame at times, racist ways, but when I stop and ponder the reality of our world I know that race is not a physical reality, it's all in our heads ;-/

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  1. You brought up my pet-peeve subject. It's funny, I never even intended race to be a major issue for me, but when I learned many years ago that we are NOT different races, it slowly grated on my nerves with every passing year that our society still refuses to accept this FACT.