Friday, April 17, 2009

The Tea Parties

I didn't make our local Tea Party, but it pulled hundreds of people as well...

Tea, anyone?

Like hundreds of thousands of other Americans, the Hollywoods enjoyed a tea party this past Wednesday. "Tea party" (wink wink). Nothing subversive about sipping a little Darjeeling, eh wot? Nothing to see here, Miss Napolitano.

Anyway, our local festivities were held at Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Metairie. There were literally thousands of people crammed into the neutral ground (though on that day, the ground was anything but...), as cars and trucks poured by the busy boulevard laing on their horns in support.

Here are pictures.

And like every such gathering in our environs, there was even a brass band and an improptu "second line" parade. It was a "party" after all. But it was a party with a serious reason.

The crowds were so overwhelming that it was hard to hear the speakers, and unfortunately, we did have a few politicians speaking, trying to glom onto the spontaneous citizen outcry. But overall, it was an inspiring time, a wake-up call for big-government politicians and bureaucrats who have forgotten for whom they work and the law which they are bound to obey.

The tea parties all over the country were a great blessing and at least demonstrate the idea that Americans haven't rolled over in their defiance. However, there are a few things to be watchful about, and here is an excellent analysis of the tea party phenomenon.

And here is an illustration of how messed up the country has become. Notice how the protester invokes Lincoln (the cornerstone of Big Government and centralized Washingtonian control), and notice how the "reporter" picks a fight with him (amazing!), openly defending a political position, and then concludes that this is an "anti-CNN" demonstration.

Don't flatter yourself, lady. CNN is a joke, and she proved it by this kind of "coverage." This is about something far bigger than her insignificant job.

The tea parties used the federal tax deadline as a convenient day to rally. But this is not primarily about taxes. The government will not be able to tax enough to cover its expenses. It will resort to the printing press - especially when China stops buying our increasingly worthless treasuries. And what good is this "reporter's" laughable $400 tax credit when the government is destroying the value of the dollar and putting generations into debt?

Another canard is that this is about "losing an election" and that the American Revolution involved only "taxation without representation." It demonstrates how few people have actually read the Declaration of Independence - which enumerates a litany of reasons for the separation - many of which are being done to us today and in far greater numbers - not by George in London, but by George and Barack in Washington.

These tea parties are not about the Republicans vs. the Democrats (as both are culpable for where we are today). This is about the need for the government to be severely curtailed and limited by the Constitution and by the need for both parties to renounce Socialism and to embrace free markets, free thoughts, and free people.

The press and the politicians don't get it yet. But hopefully they will. A free America has much to offer not only her own citizens, but people all over the world. But a fascist and imperial America will be as destructive as any other tyranny in history.

We're at a crossroads in our history.

Tea anyone?


  1. What is wrong with socialism, again? It seems to be working pretty well for Canada and Britain...

  2. I suppose that depends on your definition of "working". It does serve to keep the ruling class firmly in control there with no chance for anyone on the bottom to move up, other than the occasional entertainer who then promptly flees for freer lands... but if the people there are content to be well fed serfs that is their choice I guess.

  3. That sounds more like the U.S. You can't get a decent education unless you have money. Sure, I got grants, but only could afford a community college which was overcrowded and didn't have the classes open I needed for my degree, so I dropped out.

    In Canada it is much easier to get into an actual university and it is much cheaper.

    Sorry, but I didn't want to take out a bunch of student loans and still be paying them off 10-15 years later.

    I was struck once by a car and my employer did not provide health care. I was on the hook for $15,000. He didn't leave correct insurance info with the cops so I was never able to get it covered. I had to file bankruptcy. In Canada I would have been taken care of AND not had to pay a ton of money for it.

    I wish the U.S. would take care of its citizens. I was raised by a single mom who had no resources. We lived on food stamps, the Oregon Health Plan and welfare. Socialist programs! They work.

  4. Larry you seem to be confusing socialism with a corrupt communist system like they have in Cuba and China. He was talking about England and Canada who are pretty open societies with plenty of opportunities just like we used to have here in the States. Now it is too hard to get college funding for anyone to be able to get a decent education and get anywhere in life. The rich just get richer and the poor get poorer. The rich will not trickle anything down, they want to horde their money in affront to God and become like gods themselves. Jesus preached heavily against this and he gladly hung out with tax collectors. Jesus had no problem with taxes, leave to Caesar what is Caesar's. He did have a problem with rich people though. It will be harder for them to get to heaven than it is to fit a camel through the eye of a needle. Yes, a real camel through a real needle!