Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Son of the Circus

I was reading "A Son of the Circus" for about a week, I managed to plod through just over 200 pages before I quit in disgust. I had almost quit about 50 pages in but decided to give it more time, but in the end I didn't care what happened to any character in the story and I simply put it down for good. What is the point in writing about people who are uniformly foolish, selfish and simply not likable? Ah well, such is life. The review on Amazon does say it does not engage until the last 100 pages, maybe he should have just stuck with those...

Then yesterday I started reading "Calculating God" by Robert Sawyer which I just now finished. Now in this book there are several characters who are not "good" but are still recognizably human, unlike the vile scum of Son... The main character, well lets just say that while he's not ideal at least you care what happens to him and he grows and changes. Maybe the characters in Son changed eventually but after 200 + pages they showed no signs of it, and since it was all flash backs and forwards and such I doubt they ever did.

Calculating God is well worth reading, interesting to have Intelligent Design discussed in a Science Fiction book :-)

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