Sunday, October 26, 2008


So, after writing the previous post here I got on my bike and peddled on over to the BART station for the ride to work. I noticed when I arrived, 5 minutes before departure time, that there was a cluster of about 30 people standing quietly and patiently in front of the locked gates. I locked up my bike on the rack and strolled to the gate and peered inside the station, no sign of the station agent, not a good sign. So, after about 30 seconds I shouted out in my loudest voice, "Hey! Are you going to open the gates before the train leaves?" Up popped the overpaid BART drone from her hiding spot inside the booth. "The trains don't leave until 8:00!" she insisted. After a brief but spirited exchange between her and I, long distance and at the top of our voices, she finally made a phone call and then opened the gates at the last moment. Everyone got on board the train.


What about all of those other people standing quietly waiting for things to happen? Where was their willingness to speak out and demand the BART drone do her job and do it properly? These are voters, quiet, patient, trusting... STUPID! They would have willingly stood there, meekly missing a train they paid for in fares and taxes, being late to work or church all because some incompetent BART drone, paid more than most of us standing there by the way, didn't bother to learn her job.

It's the same with the American Sheeple in general, they stand by and meekly accept whatever is dished out to them, quietly allowing their rights to be stripped away with barely a bleat in protest. Pathetic. Without me a whole trainload of sheeple would still be standing at the gate waiting to get in.

The Angry Gnome does serve a purpose ;-)

Vote Larry for Despot!

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