Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McMussolini or ObaMarx?

Who will you vote for on election day, McMussolini or ObaMarx?

Thomas J. DiLorenzo explains why "your choice on election day [is]: McMussolini... or ObaMarx. Take your pick. Or do the patriotic thing and stay home. Don’t vote. It only gives them a reason to claim that "the people have spoken" and that they have a "mandate" to ruin our country."

While filling out my ballot I messed up on a couple of the local propositions so I will have to actually go in person on election day. Right now I am inclined to leave the votes for all federal offices blank and only vote on State and Local issues, that is if I bother to vote at all.

My feeling about the upcoming election is one of disgust, tempered slightly with despair and a very light sprinkling of fear. This country is doomed and should be dissolved for the good of its people and the safety of the people of the world.

Vote NO for President!

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