Sunday, October 26, 2008

People are stupid

Democracy is an insane and unworkable idea. Most people are either stupid or ignorant. Take Proposition 8 for example. When they reworded the proposition, at the instigation of ultra-left wing commie Jerry Brown, from "Limit on Marriage" that simply defines marriage as between a woman and a man, it was ahead in the polls. After Jerry the Pinko changed the wording to "eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry" it dropped 8 points in the polls. That means 8 percent of the people are so stupid they can't tell that the proposition still says exactly the same thing it always did. Most Americans, Californians especially, are sadly lacking in critical thinking skills so it's not a big surprise. (For example witness the popularity of pseudo-science "cures" for every ailment you can imagine, astrology, feng shui, herbal medicine... and on and on.)

Remember, by definition almost 50% of the population is below average in intelligence, do we really want stupid and gullible people making important policy choices for the rest of us? And they breed like rodents! We really are heading in the direction of Idiocracy.

We need some sort of competency test for voters. Basic reading comprehension skills must be demonstrated, basic knowledge of the political system and the responsibilities and limits of the various positions in the government that people are voting for would be a nice start. Add to that a restriction stating that no one can vote to increase a tax they would not be paying, so I could not vote to increase property taxes since I don't own property and chronically unemployed welfare queens could not vote to increase income taxes since they don't pay any. My pet project is banning lawyers from holding any political office ever and that includes judges. That would help.

But the best solution, and I urge everyone to insist on this immediately, would be "Rule by Larry". I assure you I'd have things whipped into shape in a week. All I ask is absolute authority, unlimited power and total obedience. :-)

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