Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm voting No

I have said many times that I think John McCain is not totally sane... well actually I've called him Mad Mac more than once. I initially based this on nothing more than looking at his eyes when he was speaking. I know it's horribly subjective and probably unfair, but when I look at someone's eyes I sometimes feel I can tell something about that person's mental state. Over the years I have been right far more often than I've been wrong when deciding to get away from a person based on nothing other than the look in their eyes. Then again maybe it's a case of forgetting the misses, like those who believe in psychics do, I don't know for sure.

But with Mad Mac there is actually more to it than that. There are the strange angry outbursts he is famous for, and there is the bomb bomb bomb Iran incident as well.

But the most telling thing is his Vietnam experience. I don't think John McCain is a bad or evil man, but I do think he was damaged by what he went through there. I think it is dangerous to have such a man in charge of the most powerful military the world has ever seen. Fred Reed agrees and has a pretty good piece about the issue:

"I frankly don’t believe John McCain’s medical records, or at any rate the portions released to the New York Times. The man was held in solitary for years, tortured until bones fractured, until he confessed to war crimes, until he tried to hang himself.

That he broke can’t be held against him: Almost anyone would have. (In my view GIs should be told to confess to anything whatever right from the start.) But the assertion that he came through unscathed, warm and humorous and psychically sound, just isn’t plausible. It doesn’t happen that way...

...For what he went through in Vietnamese jails he deserves sympathy and admiration. It isn’t qualification for the presidency."

Read the whole article here.

So I am back to where I was months ago. I believe that a vote for Mad Mac is a vote for war and destruction on a scale we can not really imagine today. On the other hand a vote for the neo-communist Obama is a vote to finish destroying the last vestiges of freedom in America. So, do I vote to destroy America with Obama or wipe out the whole world with Mad Mac? Or do I vote for the neo-Republican/Libertarian Barr who is likely to get about 1% of the vote, if he's lucky? Or do I stand in the street and set fire to my ballot?

I'm thinking that I might skip all of the federal positions on the ballot and just vote on the state and local guys and the propositions. To vote for federal government implies I approve of thier existence when in truth I think the United States ought to be dissolved for the good of America and the world. Yes, I think that is what I'll do.

I'm voting NO for president, senate and representative.

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