Tuesday, September 27, 2011

San Mateo cops kill dogs in park; family outraged

Ah, yet another case of our Big Brave Boys in Blue protecting... well their own quivering cowardly selves as as far as I can tell, along with a couple of hyper vigilant and overly paranoid soccer moms. How pathetic, of course our local Bay Area Police shot a fawn that looked a lot like Bambi last year because they were in fear for their lives so this is really no surprise. Police, who needs them?

San Mateo cops kill dogs in park; family outraged

(09-27) 14:29 PDT SAN MATEO -- A San Mateo family expressed outrage today that police shot and killed their two dogs after they escaped and started barking at children at a park.
Police countered that the animals were vicious and that one of them hadn't been slowed even after being jolted with a Taser stun gun.
Carla Torres, 38, said her two boxers, a female named Bella and a male named Jordan, may have been loose and loud at Laurie Meadows Park on Monday, but that there was no reason for officers to shoot the animals.
"I wish the police would have waited for animal control," Torres said. "I don't think they should have shot the dogs."
She added, "I'm sorry that kids got scared." But she pointed out that the pair of year-old dogs, who were from the same litter, hadn't bitten anyone at the park.
Police said they had no choice but to use their weapons.

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