Saturday, September 24, 2011

Online Sales Taxes

I just read that Amazon and the State of California have come to a compromise about the sales tax issue.  Amazon will have a year to get Congress to pass a nation-wide law on the subject and if they don't Amazon will start collecting loot on behalf of the State of California to support the multitudes of prisons and vast numbers of paper pushing government "workers" who suck up most of the tax money stolen by the state.

I will never voluntarily pay any tax.  Any time there is the least chance of avoiding a tax I will most certainly take it.  All taxes are theft.  Hey, I’m an anarchist and don’t buy into your government in the first place.  All I ask of government is that they leave me alone.  Oddly enough, beyond stealing my money and restricting my options in life, that is exactly what they have done.  I’ve never derived any concrete benefit from their much vaunted police "protection" for example, though I’ve been assaulted, and had my property stolen a number of times.  Indeed without police "protection" I might have been able to better in protect myself.

Government, yet another reason I’m no longer a Lutheran!  The slavish kowtowing to every whim of that pack of criminals simply makes no sense to me.  Sure you need to obey them most of the time, otherwise they will kick down your door, shoot your dog and beat your wife up, this is known.  But to obey them even when you won’t be caught?  Nah.  Since I see them as simply the largest and most powerful of criminal gangs I don’t feel I’ve got any moral obligation to obey them.   

If it were all voluntary (see Voluntaryism), if I could opt in or out of funding various aspects of government, and be excluded from any supposed benefit of that aspect, I’d be fine with it.  Of course then it would no longer be a government (aka criminal gang) but would just be an association of free people pooling resources for various reasons they see as beneficial. 

Let us hope Amazon gets congress on our side.  (Fat chance.)

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