Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My morning rant

Bah.  I have to write because it is what I do.  If I do not write I only read and that would be to make me merely passive in this world, and so I write, even though as is obvious this morning, I have nothing of any significance to say. 
Perhaps I could look on the news and discover something to write about, but I already know what is there.  There will be stories of wars and famines and disasters of various sorts.  There will be corrupt politicians and thuggish police stories.  There will be stories of Islamic insanity and Christian obtuseness and it will all get me wound up and pissed off until I embark on some inane long winded rant that no one wants to hear including myself.  And so I won’t bother to read this news this morning at all. 

Later on today my resolve will weaken and I’ll go on and glance at Boing Boing and that will have clever stories about technology interspersed with things about freedom of expression and censorship and such and I’ll probably repost a couple of things from there to Facebook and so I’ll probably look at Facebook twenty or thirty times today, which has political stuff strewn all over it these days, even though there is really not much room for true commentary or conversation, though it’s better than Twitter at least.  And all of that political stuff will either be from strident right wing “Oh My God the Muslims are going to institute Sharia Law in Seattle!!!!!!” although they will do it in all caps probably.  Or it will be left wing anti-science nonsense about vaccines causing autism and leprosy and how big pharma is out for nothing but money and would just as soon do it by killing the customers with bad treatments as not.  And the economy is going to collapse because of Obamacare and the poor are suffering because of the Tea Party obstructionists.  There will be crap about “affirmative action” and the horrible racist right wing and the horrible racist left wing both using the same stories to prove their point.  There will be naked people in San Francisco on the street but no one will be looking so it’s probably OK.

I’ll sigh and shake my head at the spewing of irrational nonsense from all sides and mutter something about wishing libertarians weren’t so fucking clueless about actually winning an election and about the way the system is rigged to keep alternate viewpoints marginalized and unheard by the masses.  Then I’ll post about how Ron Paul is probably the only really honest politician but the media cherry picks quotes from him to make him sound like a nutcase, which he is if he thinks he has a chance in hell of being elected President of the United States.

Then I'll realize no one is listening anyway and if they do they will not understand what I'm trying to do at all and will be stuffing me into one of those square holes of left or right or Christian Fundy or Crazy Atheist or whatever instead of hearing me.
I'll end up going home and buying a bottle or two of wine and falling off of the wagon, which will give me a headache in the morning and that will not make me happy.  So I guess I won't bother with the news this morning, until I see a newspaper on the train and I'll see the headlines and it will all be triggered anyway because you don't even really need to read the whole story in a paper since you will know exactly what they are going to say about any subject, since 99% of so called news is bull shit opinion and totally lacking in actual facts.  

It's all pretty hopeless, the avoiding of the news so I'll stay calm and cool through the day, so instead I've decided to rant right now before work!  

"Brilliant!" I says. 

"Bullshit" you says.

I'll bet I can't resist posting about some actual news later on either.

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