Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jury Duty

My Master sent me a note telling me I might have to serve on a Jury on Thursday.  He also said I should check his website after 5:00 PM on Wednesday to see if my group of slaves would actually be needed.   Of course as of 5:35 PM the Government "workers" in charge there had failed to update anything and only today's information is on the site.  Wanting to know if I needed to don kevlar and travel into downtown Oakland or not, I called the automated phone number, at least the 20th century tech stuff was working and updated.  Master says he doesn't need me in the morning but I'm to check in again at 11:00 AM in case Master has decided to use me in the afternoon.  He said on the phone I could go about my normal business until then.  Why thank you Master!  The arrogance of these bastards just astounds me!

I wonder if I should let them know I'm an Anarchist if I go in or just serve on the jury and follow my own conscience while totally ignoring the law.  Heck, I might be able to get some poor schmuck off on a lame drug charge or something.  Ah well, I guess I'll check back with Master tomorrow to find out for sure.

Whew, that felt good!  Nothing beats a nice rant in the late afternoon.   It's even more invigorating than a strong cup of black coffee.

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