Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yesterday's bike ride

I made it to the church just fine, there were a couple of people there.   I first talked to the secretary, but she was not very informative, she really didn't have the information I was looking for.  But she took my name and phone number and said she would have someone get back to me.  She was very nice.  I was somewhat disappointed right then.  But as I was getting on my bike and riding off I saw a lady coming out of another building and I stopped and asked her if she was with the church and she said yes.  Her name was Mary, of course.   I chatted with her for a while and discovered that the reason I was not getting a response from Rose, the lady I was trying to contact, is because she is on the East Coast with her family looking at the fall colors.   She will be back on Sunday and Mary told me she actually goes to the Saturday mass most of the time, which is when I'll be going if I keep on going there.  For Catholics a Saturday evening mass counts as going on Sunday.  I think this is because the for the Jews days started at sunset not midnight.  Mary said I should wait and talk to Rose before showing up at the RCIA class as there are different "tracks" you might be on depending on where you are in your journey.  The ride was nice and I took the long way home as I was having a good time tooling about on my bike.  This morning the rain was pouring down again but it's looking like it is going to clear up this afternoon and tomorrow so I may go out on my bike again.

Last night I got rid of my air mattress completely and just put a couple of blankets down on floor and slept on them with two comforters and a sheet on top.  I slept great.  I guess I really do like an extra firm mattress.  :-)  Nice thing about no bed is when I roll up the blankets I have a nice reading spot and lots of open space to walk about in.  I like it.

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