Friday, October 28, 2011

RV or not

For a while now I've been excited by my idea of saving money and gaining privacy by purchasing a used RV to live in while continuing to help Lora and JD pay the rent on the apartment.   Part of my calculation involved the amount I would "save" by not taking the bus and BART to work 7 times each pay period.  This amount seemed significant at first.  Until today when I decided to look at the expenses of the RV itself.  I did this after praying for guidance by the way, suddenly the thought came to me that I was leaving some important items out of my calculations. 

So what have I realized?  I've realized that far from saving me money I would be spending even more!  Counting insurance on the vehicle, required by law and prudence both, gasoline to make the thing move and groceries to supply it while I'm away from my home base, I would be almost but not quite breaking even with my current transportation costs.  I would certainly NOT be saving any money. 

Then I was thinking this morning as I listened to Lora and JD and Serenity getting up for the day, earlier than usual due to some appointments they have, I thought, "See, if I was in my RV I wouldn't be hearing that!"  But then I thought, "that's not actually a good thing now that I think on it.  I would miss them horribly."  So I don't know what to say now other than that I'm reconsidering the idea.  In fact, if I save the money I was planning on spending on an RV I'd be money ahead, especially if I rationed it to myself each month... which I think I may actually do. 

Prayer works!  I was going along blithely assuming things not in evidence for months before I prayed about it and suddenly realized that my assumptions were unfounded.  Thanks be to God!  :-)

So, RV or not?  Probably not. 

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