Monday, October 31, 2011

Even more so now...

After days like today I really want to have an RV.  Not so much for the privacy but to avoid Public Transportation!  The BART and Bus system here is deliberately designed to ensure that every trip to the city takes as long as possible, is as frustrating as possible and is as uncomfortable as possible.  You would think "they" would want people to take transit, but "they" don't really want that at all!  "They" want to keep people in cars and on the roads, except for the very poor who have no other choice.  Why do I say this?  Because the buses here arrive at BART at the same time the train leaves, meaning you get to the platform to watch the train leave without you.  This means I wait the maximum possible amount of time standing in the cold on the platform, every single day.  In the same way on the way back BART arrives just in time for you to either sprint full tilt down the steps risking life and limb to catch a bus that is about to leave, or about half the time watch that bus drive off without you, once more ensuring that your wait for the bus is the absolute longest possible wait.  There is no way this can be an accident.  There is only ONE place in the entire Wheels bus system where it really matters what time the bus arrives and that is the BART station.  And this is the one place where it's deliberately scheduled to make you miserable.  Heck, the buses will actually sit idling at Walmart, a few blocks from BART, if they are about to get you there in time to catch a train, even though not once in all the time I've ridden Wheels has anyone been getting on the bus between there and BART so being on schedule is ONLY meant to make us miss trains.    Yeah, I got hosed both ways today :-)  If I get an RV I'll NEVER have to ride Public Transportation again!  THAT makes it all worth while. 

I think I'll drive to BART tomorrow.  It gives me about an hour of my life back not spent on noisy uncomfortable buses or worse, standing around waiting for a noisy uncomfortable bus.

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