Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On 21st Century Communications

I hate phones.  I wish they would just go away.  To communicate exclusively in either text or in person is my ideal.  Disembodied voices coming out of little boxes held to the side of my head sort of creeps me out, at least when I'm supposed to talk back at them.  I wonder if that's an Aspie sort of thing or just my own exclusive weirdness.

I've always hated phones.  People who know me may be aware of this fact since I pretty much NEVER call anyone unless it's an emergency.  I will accept a phone call, I'll answer my phone, if I recognize your number on the caller ID, but the conversation will almost always be very short.  "Hi, I'm Larry, state your business."  ;-)  

Usually I'm only on the phone for two or three minutes at the most, unless it's my mom, then we might go on for ten or twenty minutes, but that's the exception.  Mom I can talk to. 

I envy those people who lived before Alexander Graham Bell inflicted his cursed device on us.  They lived a bit slower I think, exchanging letters back and forth.  I like the way in old Victorian novels they are constantly sending notes back and forth through the mails. 

Email could be like this but there are just too many places where this just doesn't really work (yet).  Texting is OK for this too, but again there are too many places where it doesn't work. 

All of this is brought on by the fact that I need to make a phone call this morning and I don't want to :-P

I want to contact the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) coordinator at St. Charles Borromeo church here in Livermore so I can see about attending the classes so I can learn more so I can make a truly informed choice about joining the Catholic church.  I sent an email to the address of the RCIA person, and as is so often the case when you email a church or big organization or business, got no response.  So now I'm forced to call on the phone and this stresses me out beyond reason. 

What I've decided to do instead of calling is to go for a bike ride!  Woo hoo!  The rain has stopped for the moment and the exercise will reduce the stress I'm feeling caused by sitting here looking at that the thrice cursed phone laying on my desk taunting me.  Best of all I'll take my ride in the direction of St. Charles and just knock on the door!  If I'm really lucky someone will be there and the phone won't need to be used at all.  If not at least I'll have reduced the stress enough where I might be able to use the phone to leave a message, especially since I'll know there will not be an answer and I can just leave a message, which is almost as good as a note. 8-)

So, 21st Century communication is by bicycle for me today.

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