Thursday, August 20, 2015

Simple Living

Same basic subject on a different day.

I'm ready to move on into a phase of Radical Simplification in my life.  Getting rid of the clutter and junk that weighs me down so much.  Oh wait, I already did that!  It's OTHER PEOPLE'S clutter and junk that is weighing me down.

When I look around our house I see large stacks of... stuff.  Most of it buried deeply beneath layers of other stuff for months on end, proving that it is neither needed nor really wanted.  The thing is I can't force others to unload all of this crap, trying to do so just makes me come off as nagging and grouchy.  I'm not even going to try actually, but in the process of deciding to move away from the concrete and stench of the city I think that will sort itself out :-)

If everyone wants to come along with me then they won't have that much choice but to get rid of most of the crud... or find a place for it themselves.  

Right now we're just doing it wrong!  A big house, bigger than I have ever lived in, full of people, that part is good :-)  But also full of JUNK!  That's not so good.  I'm looking at a much more compact living space for us all, mostly for cost reasons, but also aesthetic ones, a small simple space is much easier to keep clean and much cheaper to maintain in general.  

I've set a goal on this project.  I want to be out of the city within 3 years.  In that time I need to find and purchase land, plan and begin constructing my tiny house and figure out if anyone is coming with me.  It's sort of fun to plan this in public, with the knowledge that no one is bothering to read it :-)  

I've been looking at land on line for the last couple of days, there is some out there really cheap, but of course it's cheap for good reasons usually :-)  Still, with aquaculture and gardening and things like composting toilets and solar power even fairly marginal land can work.  We'll see.  Could be it's all a pipe dream, but then if you know me you'll know I've gone off before with virtually nothing but a back pack and sleeping bag, I'm not tied to "stuff" at all.  Family, them I'm tied to, hope they see the wisdom in coming with me.  

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