Monday, August 3, 2015

It Really is Simple

I’m sitting in my room, listening to “Anglican Radio” which is just playing music at the moment, nice though.  I’m really pleased with the compromise position we have managed to take here in the Anglican Church of the Resurrection in Tracy.  The whole family went to church yesterday and we all went up and had communion.  There was none of the exclusionary crap that the LCMS and the RC throw up in front of people being able to partake, as long as you are a baptized believer then you are welcome at the table to receive the body and blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Of course our family pretty much doubles the size of the congregation, but that is OK, maybe it will grow now that we are there and they now have the web site up.

I was listening to a podcast from Anglican Radio earlier this morning and the phrase “simple faith” was used to describe those who do not have fully articulated apologetic approach.  I think that is actually a good sort of thing for almost everyone, including me!  I think too much sometimes.  It’s all about relationship with Jesus, and thus with the Trinity, that is really important.  To understand each subtle nuance of theology is not needed.  It really is simple.  God is Love.

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