Sunday, August 9, 2015

Reading the "News"

It is sad that even though I have bookmarked over a dozen "News" sites I find myself not believing any of them.  Each and every one has a blatant agenda that they are following.  Liberal and conservative, libertarian and statist.  Very few stories are simply recounting facts, it seems every story is told to further an agenda.  Pretty pathetic.  I've searched through literally hundreds of sites looking for one that would just tell the facts...
...but there doesn't seem to be even one such news site on the web, it's all opinion and prophecy.  They are either telling me what they think the events "mean" or predicting things that haven't happened yet.  What a complete waste of my time reading the news is.  It has gotten to the point now that I just open the front page of the BBC, Guardian, FOX, CNN, RT and SF Gate and read the headlines and call it good.  If any really important news comes up I'm sure someone will tell me about it on Facebook anyway :-)

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