Thursday, July 2, 2015

Shutting up, sort of.

If I was still on Facebook I would have posted a half dozen or so times today.  I saw a news story about the unemployment rate dropping, which is a lie of course, it's all smoke and mirrors as anyone who pays attention to the way they come up with these numbers knows.  Then I saw a story about a San Francisco park that was totally trashed during the "Pride" celebration last week.  I would have commented about that too, something about the sort of people who celebrate that sort of thing not caring much about anything but their own immediate pleasure or something.  Then I'd have made a point of mentioning that is was really hot this morning when I got up in Tracy at 4am today, 85 degrees and it even rained a little, not enough to make things actually wet but enough to turn dust into mud on the windows of my car.

But I'm not on Facebook so I didn't post about all of that stuff in the heat of the moment, but I mention it all now because I realized, when I thought about how nice it was not to bother with things I can do nothing about, that keeping my mouth shut is sometimes a good thing.  I'm sure I'd have had some people "liking" my snarky comments and others being mildly offended by them.  I'm also certain I'd have seen dozens of over the top political posts claiming Obama is somehow the worst president ever, seems to me every president is worse than the previous one actually.

All in all I'm very glad not to be on Facebook, what a waste of time.  I have a friend who is on Facebook who seems to have no problem ignoring it for the most part.  I can't manage that, I MUST inform people when they are wrong :-)  I must share every little thought that comes my way, and every amusing post I see gets shared... that's why it's better for me to just ignore the thing.

You know what I did today during the time in the afternoon when it got really quiet here at work and I would normally have gone on Facebook?  I read the bible for a while and then wrote this post.  A much more satisfying use of my time.

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