Friday, July 17, 2015

My Country

So much horrible news is out in the world these days, mostly caused by "my" government, which makes it just that much worse in my mind.  The worst is the absolute glee with which total evil is greeted by so many people.  It seems to me that the more perverted and disgusting a practice is the more it is celebrated.  From same-sex so-called "marriage" and abortion on the left to endless wars and torture and murder of innocents for the greater glory of corporate America on the right, it's all evil.  How has this come about? I don't have an answer to that, any I might give would be speculation.  But you know, it should not be a shock.  Mankind was created good, but we have fallen.

That said, I don't suppose I really need to even pay all that much attention to the course of America, after all, as The Dissident Dad points out, my family is my country.   I follow those laws of America that I'm forced to follow by immediate threat and also those that make good sense to me, in other words, I do what I would do if there was no law in the first place.  Every bit of my loyalty is to God first, then my family, then my neighbors.  I have nothing left for any government.  The only thing I have to do with government is pointing out the lies it tells, and most everything they tell you is a lie.

It is time for me, and my family if they are willing, to start seriously working on separation from the state... this will take some planning and some hard work and hard choices, but I know it can be done because I've seen others do it.  We've been suckered into this consumerist culture but it's time to escape.  Life is not best spent accumulating "stuff" but experiences, shared experiences with those we care about and love.  That really doesn't take much money.  I am pretty sure we're doing it wrong guys, it's time to rethink the way we live, and probably where we live as well.

Life is good, and it's going to get better, if we decide to make it so.

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