Friday, July 3, 2015

Little things

At times the Lord does little things to let me know He's still in charge of everything. Today the rent was due and I was a bit short on the full amount.  I was waiting on my daughter Lora and son-in-law J.D. to pay their portion but he had not been paid by his boss so he did not have the money to give to me.  So when I got up in the morning today I prayed "Lord, I don't know how you are going to do it but you told us to pray for our daily bread.  It would really be great if you could manage to get me the rent money today."  Then I wrote out the rent check, put it by the front door for the landlord and got ready to come into work.  On my way out the door I looked down at a pile of sandals that was in front of the shelf placed by the door to hold them. Slightly annoyed by the fact they were on the floor and not on the shelf I poked at the pile of sandals with my foot, trying to shove them into the bottom shelf and off of the floor.  As I did that I noticed a white envelope face down on the floor next to the shelf.  I wondered what it was and picked it up, and the front said "Rent" and inside was the rent money :-)  Somehow Lora and J.D. had gotten the rent together after I went to bed last night.  She didn't deliberately hide it, somehow the envelope had fallen to the floor.   Not a huge miracle, but just a little thing...

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