Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saying something nice

So often I am grouchy and use this space to complain and whine... Sorry about that but what did ya expect from an Angry Gnome anyway! ;-P. This morning though I'd like to say something nice. Shocking right?

For the last couple of weeks I've been riding our local bus to the BART station. I resisted the idea because "I hate buses.". Well I guess that was just due to having bad experiences with San Francisco Muni drivers. Muni drivers seem to take pleasure in making your trip as miserable as possible. They especially enjoy slamming the doors in your face after you've run the block to catch the bus. Where's the "something nice" you ask? It's right here. Our little local bus service, called Wheels, is the exact opposite of Muni. The drivers are considerate, friendly and very helpful. I've seen them wait for people hurrying to catch the bus, even saw a driver get out of the bus to holler at a pedestrian he recognized as a regular rider to see if she was trying to take the bus. Then he waited a couple of minutes for her to get to the bus. Wheels drivers are the BEST!

So there you have it, I said something nice. Don't expect it to become a regular feature here, though, how many good things can I run into on a regular basis after all?
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