Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Leaving America, Minimalist life as protest and secession

Well, I suppose I'm already packed for my trip at least! Yes, I'm pretty sure I'll be going and I'll be traveling minimalist style, taking pretty much nothing at all with me to Maui and leaving whatever I use there behind on the island when I leave.

I'm ready to take the next step here at home toward my secession from American Consumer Society as well. I went through my room a few months ago and stripped away a lot of "stuff." There is still way more "stuff" in here than I use though, so I'm going to go through it again. And again. And again.

My goal is to eventually disconnect from America altogether, to go off grid, to live in a tiny house somewhere with a few books and some paper and pens to write with :-) Even this computer and my phone are annoying to me, though while I have them I will use them.

Minimalists don't contribute much to the consumer economy since they don't buy much. In fact I think that minimalist living is a sort of back-lash or protest against that consumerist society. If I were to really be a true minimalist, living in a tiny place with very few possessions, it would amount to a secession of sorts. You can't secede as a state but individuals can pull it off to some extent... Yep I'm going to do this, and not that far into the future either, though it will be a couple of years at least, first I must complete getting out of debt and then find the place to go and live. That will probably involve leaving the Bay Area, that's too bad but to be minimalist with everything will mean going to the margins, the places where people usually don't really want to be and so things there are cheap.

This Hawaii trip might be a practice run, minimalist living 101. One week with truly minimal stuff. That's how I'm going to get by the GeTSApo I think. It's part of my clever plan to secede! :-)

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