Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anti-Freedom Fascists win again

As is almost always the case, the population of California has chosen fascism over freedom.  Yeah, I'm talking about Prop 19, the legalization of Marijuana initiative.  For some reason just over half of the idiotic vermin known as "voters" think they have the right to tell just under half of the population what herbs they can consume.  I don't even smoke weed and I probably wouldn't even if it was legal but this prohibition is just evil.  Of course the "voters" also think it's just fine to steal almost half of my money at gunpoint and give it away to others for purposes I hate simply by calling it "taxes."  I'm done with voting this time, really!  I mean it this time.

Voting is a waste of time and legitimizes theft and murder and all sorts of other evil. 

I am back to being an anarchist now.  Of course I'm the pacifist sort of anarchist.  I don't advocate violence to overthrow the government or anything.  Instead I say "Ignore the government.  Do what you want to do and don't harm others.  Don't even consider for a second what the law says." 

Yeah, I really tried to "honor" the government and obey them for the last year or two.  I mean, it's supposed to be the way we do things as Lutheran Christians.  I'll still obey them, mostly, when it makes sense, but I can't give "honor" to a pack of thieving murdering criminals just because they call themselves "government."


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