Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On neighborliness

You may recall last month when I wrote about someone calling security at our apartment when we were playing dice with mom. Well it seems it happened again and I slept through it! Lora just informed me they came Saturday night after I went to bed. The security drone said someone complained that it sounded like we were moving furniture. Ah, now we are SURE who is calling! Only a downstairs neighbor could say that. It IS the inconsiderate creep with the little yapping dog! The one that barks for hours on end morning noon and night. Now, I know there was no major noise in our apartment Saturday night. So they are being jerks and expecting US to be totally silent when they want quiet while not being willing to talk to us about it and also not caring if their annoying dog keeps us up all night! All right then, no more Mr. Nice Guy. We will now complain each and every time that dog barks for more than an hour. Plus I will no longer be moving quietly when I get up at 4AM for work. I may just do a little jig on the way to the shower and tap dance in the tub. You are no longer on our nice list downstairs "neighbor".
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