Friday, July 3, 2009

Outdoors stuff

Anyone who reads my blog knows I love being outside, hiking camping swimming or whatever. Yesterday Lora, Serenity and me took off with the SFBUNies to the Antioch Water Park. We had a good time spending the hot afternoon playing in the water and hanging out in the shade.

This morning in the Pleasanton Weekly I read "Three of the East Bay Regional Park District's campgrounds were named the best in the nation for park amenities, outdoor scenery and educational facilities.

They include the campground at Lake Del Valle, Sunol Regional Wilderness and Anthony Chabot Regional Park. The honor was bestowed by ReserveAmerica's Camping Club, a community of active family campers, which honored a total of 100 family campgrounds."

Of those, if you've been paying attention, you will recognize we have camped two of the top campgrounds in America so far this year, both without using more than a gallon of gas :-) Once again the Bay Area proves you don't need to go anywhere else, it's all right here or within a two or three hour drive.


  1. Serenity is such a determined child. That looks really hard to walk across (whatever those things are called). At first I thought why, with the rope and all is she having so much trouble and then realized that those things were tipping and moving. Way to go Lora. Where was Larry?, the photographer didn't try to cross. I heard on the news that your broke state might have to close parks. Hope that won't have to happen. Love & Hugs.

  2. Yes those things move, they float on the water and are tied to the bottom from the center of the "Lilly Pad". Pretty difficult. The lighter you are the easier it is as you don't tip them so much. I did not even consider trying it :-) Also, the photographer tries very hard to avoid being photographed, especially in a swimming suit!

    As to the California State Parks closing I simply refer you to my post Close Prisons Not Parks I spoke with several people at the parks and at the water park and most agree with the "Hop the fence" idea. If they can't afford a couple of rangers there surely there won't be any high priced cops watching either. :-P~~