Friday, July 31, 2009

Where am I?

Someone (Hi Mom!) wanted to know where I've been because I have not posted since the 22nd of July. How did that happen? No excuses actually, just a bit of sloth late last week, then the normal "I'm working and don't have the energy or time to post" syndrome. Then the last three days I've been camping at Del Valle with Serenity.

SO, update, last week we went to Arden Wood Historical Farm where we learned, in spite of it being "Learn Nothing Day" on Friday the 24th when we went, about wool from sheep to sweater. Also watched the blacksmith making a gate arch and Serenity talked Grandpa into buying a lucky horseshoe with her name stamped into it.

Then it was work work work, three days in a row. :-)

Then this week we went to Del Valle and camped with Serenity, me, Cindy & Mike, Noah, Aldo, Rena, Isabel, Apollo, Meg and a couple of other folk whose names escape me right now. We hung out at the campground, went to the lake a couple of times and goofed off a lot.

Serenity spent the first night in the same tent as the rest of the kids but the second night in my tent because she pretty much single single-handedly kept the rest of the camp up till after 1:00 AM by pretending to sleep walk, poking people and generally preventing sleep by yaking. This episode has led to a reconsideration of the "choose your own bedtime" idea and we had a discussion with Serenity about respecting others at night. We'll see how this works out.

So now I'm home and I've posted. Whew.

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  1. Thank you!! I have been reading a journal I started in 1/2003. I went days, then weeks, then months and the last entry was 2005. Decided this was definitely not my thing. Journaling. Didn't mean to be critical of you that you hadn't written anything but I do love hearing about what you are doing because you are always doing something interesting. I imagine that if it weren't for Serenity, you may not be doing quite so many diverse activities. I thing it is great and I am looking forward to being with you all in exactly 31 days. Love & Hugs, Mom