Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My new phone

Mike and I have upgraded to the Blackberry Storm for our phones. This is a Very cool device! I can read all of my email, except stuff with really huge attachments like videos, which I still have to see on my computer but would rather link to rather than download the whole thing anyway. I can browse the web, to a certain extent, read my blog feeds with ease and all of the stuff, pretty much, that I did on the computer. As a result we no longer need, and have gotten rid of, the PC Card wireless we used to use for our computers and have gone to Comcast internet at considerable savings. But best of all it is perfect for reading e-books! Ever since my old Palm Pilot crapped out a couple of years ago I've been missing e-books, the tablet computer was simply not suitable for sitting on the can, in the elevator or in the car. But using MobiPocket, I can read books anywhere, instantly. So much for the Kindle that I was on the verge of buying, but passed on because it was very pricey at over 300 bucks, and it just is a reader. This is far better than that because it is my moblile computer, email, book reader and music player... all in one compact device that will fit in my pocket, which Kindle would not do! Oh yeah, it's great for listening to pod casts too, once I added on Podtrapper at least.

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