Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Close Prisons, not Parks

So the California leach society, aka. the Governator and His Enablers in the Legislature, want to close almost all of California's State Parks to help solve the budget crisis. What a load of BS that is! In the first place it only amounts to 70 million dollars, which when you are looking at a deficit of 25 BILLION dollars is just chump change. In the second place the state ends up getting back over twice what it puts in because of businesses paying taxes around the parks.

What this is amounts to is punishment of the people of California for daring to reject the absurd money grab recently attempted by the bloated parasitical vermin who infest Sacramento. A far better way of lowering the budget would be to fire each and every parasite who processes state licenses and permits or any other form of state paperwork for, well for anything at all. Then release each and every person in prison who is not there for crimes against persons or property, you know drug users and dealers who did not shoot anyone or steal anything. Then close a bunch of the now 1/2 empty prisons and force the sadistic thugs who work there as guards to get honest employment at a McDonalds or something. With a 10 BILLION dollar budget paying for prisons is a larger part of the budget than any part except "education" and healthcare for the "poor." As far as I'm concerned they can cut those two out totally as well :-) Then put that money into libraries and parks, the people would gain far more from that than they do from coddling lazy louts on welfare and keeping kids imprisoned in government indoctrination centers and calling it "education."

Bah! Government, who needs it anyway. Shut the whole darn thing down. Make the parks really public lands and tell people they need to take care of it on their own, bring your own TP, haul out your own trash... it could work :-)

Finally, in the event the parasite class does implement this mass punishment of the people for their defiance, I advocate civil disobedience. Jump the fences, use the parks anyway, knock down the gates and go on in, don't make a mess and take out your trash, show them we don't need them.

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