Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Oh man, it's all been a waste of effort... well not that much effort actually since I only pay for the gym, I don't actually go there :-), but it would not really matter anyway, the whole exercise thing is a myth, at least when it comes to weight loss or even maintaining weight. In the end it comes down to eating a bit less and cutting out a lot of carbs... or so says this story in New York Magazine by Gary Taubes back in 2007. I believe it to be true because it fits with my own experience. On a strict low carb regime I lost 35 pounds, then gained about 10 back and have been steady ever since eating whatever I feel like. No other diet or exercise + diet plan has ever been as successful for me as that, not the "Low Fat" diet, not the vegan diet not anything I've tried.

So... maybe I'll go back on the low carb diet and see what I can do with that :-) Oh, and exercise, in moderation is probably a good thing, I'll continue to ride my bike to work and take walks and hike and swim because it just makes me feel good, but that strenuous stuff is a waste.

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