Monday, June 29, 2009

Bonnie's Memorial

This last weekend we had family gather from around the world to remember our cousin Bonnie and to scatter her ashes beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Kristi, Jason and Cole came from New Zealand, Michelle came from Virginia (I think), Joy Ann came up from LA (we won't hold that against her, much), Kari came from Arizona, Becky and Jaden came from Utah, Mike, Lora, Serenity and me came all the way from Pleasanton while Maryann and Topanga came from the other side of San Francisco.

After sailing the bay and sprinkling the ashes we had lunch at Aliotos and went out to the California Academy of Science. Although it was a sad occasion it was good to gather family from near and far and spend a little time together. I hope we can all get together some time with less time pressure and for a happier occasion some day.

Here is a slide show of a few pictures I took:

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time and the pictures are wonderful. It was fun to see Kristy, Jason & Cole, Becki & Jayden, etc., through your great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Love you, Mom