Friday, May 22, 2009

Writing on a computer

I once thought that writing my journal on a computer was the greatest thing ever, I churned out page after page of stuff.

Then it dwindled away to nothing. I spent most of my time browsing the web, playing Civilization, reading emails, writing emails, listening to music... anything but writing.

I suppose I could get an app like the one in the second panel but what I actually did recently was to get some pens and some paper and when I want to write I shut off the computer and sit quietly and write :-)

I still like computers, and if I had a big writing project to do, especially one I was going to print out or share around I'm sure I'd figure out a way around the distractions, but for contemplative journaling nothing beats the scratch of pen on paper, it slows my mind down, each word is more carefully selected, unlike typing on a computer where I can pretty much type as quickly as I think, which I will grant really isn't all that quick these days :-)

All of which may also explain why I think "Twitter" is not for me and I have no intention of ever touching it.

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