Thursday, May 21, 2009

Unschooling, Christianity, Anarchy

What a wild combination that is. Some people, both anarchists and Christians, have told me it makes no sense. Obviously I disagree. So here is what exposing a child to these three things, unschooling, Christianity and anarchism, looked like yesterday.

Yesterday Serenity and I went to a park in Livermore and met up with some other unschooling families for some play time. Serenity, and her good friend Isabel, spent some time picking flowers just before we left the park to go to our house for the rest of the afternoon, Isabel came along with us for a "play-date." Serenity, anarcho-capitalist that she is, decided the thing to do with the flowers was to go around the neighborhood and sell them. So they got two small wicker baskets, one for the flowers and one to hold the money, and set out door to door around the area. I followed at a distance to monitor safety but did not interfere beyond insisting they not knock on the two doors that had "No Solicitors" signs on them. The sales area extended from our house to the park where they played for a while before going back home. They sold flowers for fifty cents each and when we finally returned home they had $5.00 in the basket. Pretty good take I'd say.

In the evening we all went to 7-11 to spend the loot. Serenity purchased a giant slushy and Isabel bought some candy. I rewarded myself for the effort of following them around all afternoon by picking up a pack of Fig Newtons, which is where the triple combo above finally comes in to play.

I had already eaten several Fig Newtons when Serenity noticed that I had them, I doled out a couple to her and her mom and continued to munch. A bit later when I went back to the package for more Serenity asked for more and I looked and saw that I had seven left, so I gave her three and kept four for myself.

Serenity asked for the fourth cookie, "Please Grandpa I really really love Fig Newtons!"

"No way," said grandpa, "I love them too!"

After a bit of back and forth pleading and refusing I said "If you get on your knees and beg I'll give you the cookie."

Serenity said "No way! I bow to no one but God!" in an indignant voice.

I handed over the cookie as a reward for such an awesome unschooling, Christian, anarchist answer :-)

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