Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bed Time Postings

I really should not post when I'm tired, or have been drinking, or worse, both. As I said on an email list this morning:

In the cool light of morning, in contrast to my mood last night when I was tired and grouchy to start with, I regret having posted this. There really is not enough information available for anyone to really know what is going on there.

There is an update posted on Will Grigg's blog, at the end of the original post that set me off in my grogginess last night. In the update he pulls back some and indicates that he was contacted by someone on the Federal side who says that, while the Patriot Act is not the appropriate way to deal with things there was certainly a minor crime committed. That may or may not be true but it does remind me that going off half cocked like I did is seldom a good idea :-/

Please disregard anything I post after my bedtime of 9:30 PM and I will endeavor in the future not to post in my sleep. :-)

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