Friday, May 29, 2009

SCOTUS Follies

Well now, Sotomayor is a shoo in of course, even if she's not a lesbian the way the ultra-left crowd really wanted. Here is a bit from Chronicles Magazine about her, reading the whole thing is worthwhile:

The process by which Sotomayor was selected testifies to what we can expect in Obama’s America. Not a single male was in the final four. And she was picked over the three other women because she was a person of color, a “two-fer.” Affirmative action start to finish.

Reading 30 of her opinions, GW law professor Jonathan Turley found them “notable” for “lack of depth.”

Liberal law professor and Supreme Court expert Jeff Rosen of The New Republic reports, after talking to prosecutors and law clerks, that Sotomayor covers up her intellectual inadequacy by bullying from the bench.

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