Friday, September 19, 2014

Or maybe not.

I said that I was planning on closing down my Facebook account in about a week.  Of course I've said that a number of times in the past and changed my mind later on.  The trouble with leaving Facebook, as evil as it really is, is that many people in my family depend on it to stay in touch.  I doubt very much that I could convince all of them to leave that platform for another.  I've played around with Twitter a bit, but I don't care for the idea of restricting myself to short "tweets" and sending out links.  As a matter of fact that is one of the things about Facebook that I don't like, the constant "sharing" of other people's writing.  I am guilty of this like everyone else of course, original words on Facebook are pretty rare.  Google + doesn't appeal to me much either.  That leaves such things as Pinterest and Flickr.  Flickr is great for posting photos but I don't have any idea why I would ever go to Pinterest.

So what am I going to do?  I guess I'll leave my account on Facebook active, but I'm not going to go there much, I hope.  Instead I have turned on email notifications for family members and some friends, those who don't post 600 times a day.  ;-) That will ensure I stay in touch with family without being sucked into FB too much.  I intend all of my posting to be done on my blog, which will automatically post to FB for me, if you want to see what I'm writing click on the links from FB, or better yet dump FB and subscribe to my blog directly. 

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