Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Calm Waters

For the last several days I've been managing to avoid things like Facebook, especially the political posts there.  I've also ignored the "news" for the most part.  I also noticed that I've not been following any sports for the last week or two. The roller coaster ride of identifying with a baseball or football team can really be stressful, even when they are winning.  Staying away from all of this has contributed to a sense of calmness and peace in my mind.  What all of these things have in common are the fact that they represent things over which I have no actual control, while at the same time I tend to feel strongly about them.  So, when the team I like wins, or the political idea I approve of gains some ground, I'm "happy" about that, and when they are on the opposite end of the scale then I'm "unhappy."  But either way my watching them go by has not influenced the outcome in the least! 

But more important than what I've avoided is how I've filled the time this has freed up.  Instead of browsing the web I've been reading books, listening to music, praying and studying the bible, worshiping the Lord and spending a little more time with my family.

All of the upset and chaos of politics and sports and random junk from Facebook leaves me unhappy and confused.  What foolishness to expose myself to that then!  Prayer and meditation on God's Word, playing with grandchildren, reading an interesting book, these things encourage peace of mind.  I thank God that I've been shown this, again.  Perhaps this time around I'll be smart enough to keep all of that in perspective. 

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