Friday, September 19, 2014

Life goes on, but not on Facebook

I've been mostly ignoring Facebook today.  Only when family or close friends post do I see a notification and most of those don't require that I actually go to FB to know it's not anything I really need to bother looking at.  No offense but I think I've seen my fill of lame jokes, political slams and cute kittens for now.  :-) 

This post is primarily being written to test my auto feed to Twitter.  If you are not on Twitter you should be, if only to ensure that you don't miss any of my scintillating blog posts!  It won't be too long before I disconnect completely from that evil pit that is Facebook, so think about getting a Twitter account and looking for me there.  I'm @LDevich once you are on.   

You may have noticed that yesterday I mentioned in my Thankfulness post that I was going to my friend Jean's house after work.  This is a very cool thing that has developed.  My friend Jean, whom I've known over 20 years, when I was talking about my commute, invited me to stay in her spare room when I'm on my long 12 hour days.  These are the days when after my commute I'd get home, kiss the family and go straight to bed after seeing each of them for maybe 5 minutes.  Then in the morning I'd be off to work before anyone else was out of bed.  There was really not much point to the whole exercise to tell the truth.  I wound up getting at most 7 hours of sleep and usually only 6.  Staying at Jean's I can be in bed at the same time, after a pleasant half hour or forty five minutes of visiting and then get up and go to work after a full 8 hours plus of glorious sleep.  :-)  The plan is for me to stay one or two days a week depending on who long my schedule is that week.  This is a very good thing.  Thank you Jean!

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