Monday, August 5, 2013

Social media

I'm reducing my social media participation by deactivating my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I anticipate that this will be a good thing.  I didn't make any announcements on those accounts, just shut them off.  This is nothing against my "friends" on those services, it's just a huge time sucker that I don't want to bother with anymore.  

I will probably post more here though, which means almost no one will be reading what I write, which is fine with me :-)  I mostly write for my own entertainment and as a way to vent when I'm frustrated. 

Speaking of being frustrated, BART was supposed to be on strike today so I didn't take the RV into the Bay Area on Saturday night the way I normally do.   I had planned to drive all the way into the city and park in a garage across the street ($15) but found out when I got up that the governor intervened so the strike is delayed yet again.  So I ended up losing sleep for nothing, but Idid save that 15 bucks at least.  :-)


  1. I get the impression that you are alone in this picture, which is worth a thousand words, but, then I think, who took the picture?
    I like the retreat you have rushed to escaping the madding crowd, mentally and physically. I feel you breathing easier and stress draining from every appendage. The Lord is near to you, as He has placed you on my heart again at 4 a.m. I wish you continued Peace with the Prince of Peace, and Love with Him Who is Love. Take care, Larry, Be blessed today. Bella

  2. That is me in the picture, I took it with a timer on the camera on a tripod. I was camping alone in Death Valley at Christmas in 2001 :-)