Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I can't do it

Turns out I cannot NOT talk about the obscenity that is the American Empire.  The fact that there is a constant stream of talk about Emperor Obama ordering an attack on yet another Middle Eastern state makes me want to vomit and go buy one of those nasty red white and blue bits of cloth with stripes and stars to clean it up... maybe burn it on the trash pile after it dries.

First of all I am old enough to recall the days when this Empire still at least pretended to be a Republic, and when the press questioned Imperial Pronouncements and sought independent verification of what they said and called them on it when it turned out to be lies.  This is no longer the the way things are in the American Empire.  Today we have an all powerful Emperor who does not even pretend to consult the impotent cowards of the Senate and the House before unleashing the Imperial Legions on the women and children of far away lands, raining down death and destruction to enforce the will of the Empire.

In the latest case we have the accusation that Syria has used chemical weapons on it's own people in it's own capital city, an appalling act, if true.  Though why it is of concern to me here in California I don't know.   Of course actual evidence is exceptionally thin, just as it was when discussing the nonexistent "Weapons of Mass Destruction" supposedly stockpiled under a camel barn in Iraq.  Even after that lie was exposed the Empire continued to spout it as justification for the destruction of a nation, the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of civilians and the virtual extermination of the 2000 year old Christian minority there.  Now the Empire is siding with vicious murdering Islamic fanatics who glory in beheading members of the Christian Community in Syria.  The American Empire is anti-Christian, pro-Israeli and pro-Islamic.  It is certainly not doing these things for the benefit of the peasants in America.

Sadly there is no way to change these things right now, the Republic is long dead, voting is a meaningless exercise that changes nothing.  There is only one party with two faces, the Democrats and Republicans are a single group of corporate whores ruling on behalf of the ultra-rich.  The Libertarians and other smaller parties are tolerated only to provide the illusion that change is possible, it is not.  Only armed revolt could change the Empire, and that is not going to happen because the subjects of the Empire actually like it for the most part.  It makes them feel important to be a subject of the most powerful Empire in the history of the world and they seem to care little for the lives of people in far away lands as long as they have their big screen TVs and SUVs.  

So why do I bother to vent here?   Only one reason, to undermine the legitimacy of the government.  The real way to change things is to stop pretending the government is anything other than a gang of criminals.  Don't ask them for anything, don't accept anything from them, don't obey them unless they are watching :-)  Undermine them at every opportunity.   This will not bring rapid change but if enough people recognize the reality of what government is, naked violence, perhaps change will be possible.  I'm not optimistic, but not without any hope at all either.  I see many more people recognizing the evil of government today than I did even twenty years ago, there is hope, not much but still, there is hope.

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