Sunday, August 18, 2013

From San Leandro

I'm posting this morning from my RV parked on a city street in San Leandro. I believe this is my penultimate visit to this place. In September we'll be moving to a new house in Tracy.  This will be close enough to BART to make staying in the RV unnecessary.  Well, that's what I think now, I'll have to try it for a while to be certain.  This small space living experiment has met with mixed results.  On the one hand minimizing clutter and excess belongings makes it easier to clean and just feels better over all.  On the other hand being in a small space doesn't work on a crowded city street.  If you can be outside, like in the country, it might be OK.  But being in an RV on the street is pretty claustrophobic to me.  So, farewell street living, one more time and I'm done.  :-) 

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