Saturday, December 3, 2011

Small talk

After writing my previous post I started thinking about all the "chit-chat" and small talk that people do.  Of course I don't do it because I'm terrible at it.  What is it that I do that is so wrong?  I can't see the spaces people leave for me to talk, they go past and I never realized they were there, when I do see what I think is an opening a couple of things can happen, usually, by the time I start to speak, someone else is already there talking so I never start.  The other thing that happens is I go ahead and talk and realize as I'm speaking that I've barged in on someone else's (all the dictionary software, spell check and Merriam Webster on line claim I can't write it that way, but how else can I write the possessive form of else?! It belongs to someone else, it is someone else's.  Bah!)  turn.  What ends up happening is that I sit quietly and listen, and so get the reputation of being a "good listener."  Whatever.  So I don't do small talk, if you want to DEBATE now, that is a totally different story, I'll argue either side of whatever you want to talk about just for fun.  Also I'm up for purposeful conversation, ones designed to actually impart information, which other people tell me are actually me giving "lectures" to them :-)  That's as close as I can get to the small talk thing though so there.  

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