Sunday, December 4, 2011

Living the Peace of St. Francis

I just got home from St. Charles where we had an "Advent Evening of Reflection: Living the Peace of St. Francis" with Fr. Ed Shea, OFM.  It was wonderful.  I've been fascinated by Francis and the Franciscans for years and to see Fr. Ed in action was amazing :-)  I laughed, I cried (really) and I sang songs.  What more could you want?  Francis was all about Peace and Love and tonight was about how we can live out those things.  I wish I had a recording from tonight, I'd like to hear it again.  Years ago I went to a Franciscan monastery and asked about joining, having a kid to support disqualified me though ;-/  Just as well probably, besides, I wasn't Catholic then anyway so it was an Anglican Franciscan place... now that I'm becoming Catholic though I think I will look into the "Secular Franciscan Order" which is not living off in a monastery but is living a Franciscan life in the everyday world.   Once I'm done with RCIA I'll see about that, probably.  Who knows?  Right now it sure feels right.

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