Saturday, August 20, 2011

I saved over $500 today!

How did I save over $500 today you ask?  I stopped and thought about what I was about to do and didn't spend it :-)  Hey, for me that is a big deal.  My computer, the very one I'm writing this blog post on, is slowly dying, it's old and worn out, the "comma" key is broken, the "insert" key is broken, the battery is dead and it only works off of AC right now.  It's heavy and sort of clunky and slow.  When it had to be rebooted this morning when I was about to use it I said out loud "I should just go get me an iPad!"  So I checked my account and the cash is on hand to do that, and still, barely, pay the rent at the end of the month.  Of course I'd need to put off some debts I owe and I'd need to really scrape to manage rent and BART tickets the rest of the month after that... but I'd have a really cool new iPad!  Oooh.

So, after briefly considering getting a cheap netbook computer for around $200 I decided to jump into my car, yep there's plenty of gas, and drive to the mall to the Apple store and buy me an iPad.  I got to the end of the apartment parking lot when I realized it was not even 9:00 AM yet, the Apple Store doesn't open until 10:00 AM.  So I parked the car and came back to my room in frustration, thinking, I'll wait an hour and then go get it.

But the wait turned out to be a good thing.  As I calmed down I recalled that I do have an external keyboard I can use and I plugged that in.  Then I thought, well why don't I check out the cost of a replacement battery?  On Toshiba's site it was almost $100 but on an alternate site it was only $40 including shipping.  So I ordered the battery.  So my computer, sans commas and ins buttons, will be back to normal pretty soon.  I seldom really use it off the grid anyway, though if I get an RV that will be another story!

I'm going to hold out for the iPad 3 next year, that will be the ticket!  By then I'll be living in my customized RV with Solar panels and composting toilet and portable Bose sound system, I'll use my iPhone as a hot spot for wifi and life will be peachy :-)

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