Monday, August 8, 2011

I guess it's official then.

Well then, even though I have not yet gone to a shrink and been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, the general consensus of people I've spoken to who know me pretty well is "well duh!" :-)  I keep waiting for someone to say "Nah, you are not that odd Larry, you seem pretty normal to me, Aspergers?  Really?  I don't think so," but not one person has come out and said that :-/  So then, it's not just my own self image that says I'm weird but pretty much everyone else says the same thing.  Phoo.

Knowing this does give me an opportunity to watch myself and try and figure out things I'm doing that may be inappropriate, before I do them if I'm really lucky!  I've had the same job for a very long time so they are pretty used to me, but I still worry that I'll say or do the wrong thing and wind up fired for it.  I did have a melt down at work once when one of the homeowners was on my case constantly... that didn't do me in so I suppose the chances are I'll survive my frequent faux pas in the future as well.  But knowing that I'm doing it, which believe it or not I was pretty well oblivious to until just recently when I started reading about AS, gives me a chance to work on changing those inappropriate behaviors!  Woo.  " 

I saw this non-emoticon on an aspie thing, not recalling where right now but I like it    "

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